I bought some square cork tiles at Joann’s recently, hoping to develop an inspiration/ swatch/ pattern-in-the-queue area near my sewing machines. Here’s what I came up with: I’m not sure it comes through in the picture, but I’m clearly obsessed with gray, purple and teal… and also with Cake patterns! (have you seen the new […]

Last spring I made my first coat – Sewaholic’s Minoru.  There were some snafus, but the instructions were great.  Together with the sewalong still on Tasia’s blog, I was able to work my way through this…   I’ve worn it a TON and gotten a lot of compliments. This fall, I’d like a heavier coat, […]

Before I was crafty, I cooked a lot. One thing that you learn – when cooking something like soup, always taste and add seasoning as you go. Don’t just follow the recipe and add it all at the end. This is a skill that is transferrable to sewing, but unfortunately I didn’t realize it until […]

I’m working diligently on a self-drafted, knee length pencil skirt….  Using Helen Armstrong’s text (the 1987 version) on pattern making, I took my own measurements last weekend and spent some time creating a skirt sloper.  Yes, I’m weird.  I find math and drafting to be relaxing….. About 6 months ago, I bought this amazing red […]

As a child, I have  vivid memories of my mom packing for our family vacations, or helping us get organized for summer camp.  Mom always had a very peculiar way of making packing lists – specifically, illustrating her packing lists with small drawings to represent each item….. Mom’s packing list for a trip…. This “method” […]

I’ve had the pegboard and accessories sitting in the garage for months. Little did I know how easy it would be to install…. The organization is a work-in-progress, so I’ll be adjusting as I sew this fall, but so far: I’m thrilled!

Autumn is by far my favorite season – I love the weather and the colors, wearing warmer clothes, the start of school….. I’ve been wanting to start some autumn sewing. I pulled out the stash fabrics that seem “autumn-like” to me and I have a WAAAYYY more than I can sew in the next few […]