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Back to the loom

I returned to this scarf I started weaving months and months ago – I really want to get it off of the loom so that I can get another project started. I’m somewhat bored with this at this point, and I’m trying to power through, but the warp threads keep breaking….. (You can see a […]

Blog hiatus over….

Well, I took an unintentional break from blogging as life and work got in the way.  I have been working on a lot of crafty things over the winter and spring….   just not posting much about them. I’ve been knitting a little – just completed Norah Gaughan’s Manon – genius construction! It’s blocking at […]

Marriage (and Wedding Gift) Equality

I finally finished weaving the overshot table runner. This has been washed and hemmed and is being packed up and mailed as a wedding gift to my mentor and his partner of many years (maybe 20+ years??  – sorry B & R, I don’t know the official length of time!).  They were finally able to […]

Under the weather

I’ve been struggling with a sinus infection for the last couple of weeks. (as soon as the Chicago Teachers Union strike was over – BAM – I got sick! It’s been rough….) I’ve barely been able to keep up with the kids and my job, let alone make any progress on crafty things or update […]

Weaving on strike…

We live in the city of Chicago, and many of you probably know that we are in the midst of a teachers’ strike at the moment.  My kids go to our wonderful neighborhood elementary school, made wonderful in part because of the awesome parent community.  We have known that there might be a strike coming, […]

Do I really need NINE new handwoven towels?

I’m trying to bust through the last 3 kitchen towels (out of 9 total) that I currently have on the loom.  Gah.  I’m getting bored bored bored!  So, I’m itching to start another project.  The long warp, 9 yards, is taking me FOREVER.  I’m tempted to cut it off after I finish the seventh one […]

Loom “Table”

We were out at a friend’s lakehouse for the weekend. It was raining today, unfortunately, so a few of us went to this amazing place nearby that sells fabulous folk art and handmade imports of all sorts – furniture, rugs, textiles, clothes, jewelry, bags etc. I joked before I went to my husband that I […]