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My favorite pair of jeans: mended!

On Friday I posted about finding a hole in my favorite pair of jeans (and really the only ones that fit.)  I had already started scheming to sew my own pair of jeans, and then I got some great comments explaining how the hole can be repaired. Seriously, people, I didn’t even know that was […]

Uh oh…..

So, I started the Ready-To-Wear fast with gusto!!!  I spent the morning of New Year’s Day doing some much neglected mending. Thursday morning, I needed to go to work for a few hours.  I don’t work in an environment where I need to dress up all the time (I would call it “business casual” with […]

First “make” of 2014

As I said in my New Year’s Day post, I have joined Goodbye Valentino‘s ready-to-wear (RTW) fast for 2014. To recap, that means: no purchasing ready-to-wear clothing for an entire year. I’ll wear what I already have, or what I can sew. (Undergarments, socks, & shoes are allowed.) For the quick win:  I decided to […]

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all! So much to report….  I’ll start with some updates…. my beloved Pfaff sewing machine is repaired and working wonderfully.  I have been making progress on my second Minoru, an olive ripstop cotton version with flannel interlining.  Almost done!  I was totally immobilized by the patch pockets, but I finally got […]


Just got a voicemail and my much beloved and missed Pfaff has finally been fixed. It’s been just over 4 weeks!!! (I have the anniversary edition 150 so evidently it took them a while to track down the parts). Time to get back to sewing and posting on the blog. Next up: Red Velvet dress […]

Power surge + sewing machine = :(

So, I was making a ton of progress on my olive Minoru last weekend.  The jacket is ripstop olive cotton, interlined (for warmth) with a forest green flannel.  I primarily basted the interlining (flannel) to the fashion fabric (ripstop) with my machine, but for the large back pattern piece, I decided to use some silk […]

Mom likes to soo

Found this drawing in my daughter’s backpack last week. “I like moches” (translation: mac & cheese)….    “Mom likes to soo”