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Mom likes to soo

Found this drawing in my daughter’s backpack last week. “I like moches” (translation: mac & cheese)….    “Mom likes to soo” Advertisements

The Apple and the Tree….

As a child, I have  vivid memories of my mom packing for our family vacations, or helping us get organized for summer camp.  Mom always had a very peculiar way of making packing lists – specifically, illustrating her packing lists with small drawings to represent each item….. Mom’s packing list for a trip…. This “method” […]

Stashing up

Visiting my sister in Tennessee and did some major stashing… She was totally goading me on and convinced me to buy some Liberty cotton for a spring/summer dress. Maybe Laurel?

Princess Celestia & Hawkeye

A long overdue Halloween post: S and I had a ball sewing up her Princess Celestia (from My Little Pony)  costume.  I followed the awesome tutorial posted at Craftiness Is Not Optional (she made adorable Rainbow Dash and Applejack costumes for her girls).  All we needed was  $10 worth of white fleece and a $1.50 […]

“How did you get so crafty?” Part 2

I’m still thinking about my path to craftiness.  I talked a lot about my grandmothers and their handwork in the Part 1 post of this series.  I do think they were hugely influential, but more in an indirect way rather than a direct way.  It’s not like I sat down with either Grandma or Nanny […]

I have no ambitions to quilt….

I had so many wonderful responses to my post yesterday about the crafty women in my family. My mom called after reading my post.  We had a long talk about Nanny and quilting.  The quilting frame pictured below (with me hanging on it) was built by my grandfather, “Papa”.  (8/8/12 correction from mom – the […]

“How did you get so crafty?” Part 1

After sharing my Family Treasures post yesterday with my extended family, my SIL texted me:  “How did you get so crafty?”  (This from the woman who has built a trellis along her deck to grow wine grapes in her backyard AND who enjoys cooking scrumptious multi-course meals for family and friends.  Let’s be clear: the […]