First “make” of 2014

As I said in my New Year’s Day post, I have joined Goodbye Valentino‘s ready-to-wear (RTW) fast for 2014. To recap, that means: no purchasing ready-to-wear clothing for an entire year. I’ll wear what I already have, or what I can sew. (Undergarments, socks, & shoes are allowed.)

For the quick win:  I decided to do some mending on a favorite long-sleeved peasant blouse that I had ripped at the elbow a few years back (to be exact:  spring 2011). I just never quite had the guts/time/motivation to fix.


I cut off the torn part, and the other sleeve to match, a while ago. Using the scraps, I had practiced different kinds of hems – this fabric, a super lightweight cotton/silk blend, has an inherent crinkle to it. I just wasn’t sure how to proceed.


I finally deconstructed the original hem and found 1/4″ elastic in a casing. Decided to do the sleeve hem this way…. it was a pretty easy fix and I’m SO happy to have this blouse back in my closet!





  1. Yay for you! Looks great! I have absolutely no desire to sew clothes but so glad you do!!

  2. […] So, I started the Ready-To-Wear fast with gusto!!!  I spent the morning of New Year’s Day doing some much neglected mending. […]

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