Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all!

So much to report….  I’ll start with some updates….

my beloved Pfaff sewing machine is repaired and working wonderfully.  I have been making progress on my second Minoru, an olive ripstop cotton version with flannel interlining.  Almost done!  I was totally immobilized by the patch pockets, but I finally got brave and motivated.  It’s just a matter of making the decision.  I found Kenneth King’s Designing Details: Pockets invaluable.  Love me some Craftsy.  Highly recommended!


In November, I also worked on a Cake Red Velvet dress. My knit fabric was a purple rayon/lycra knit. I’m not sure I love the fit at the midriff, it seems too wide to me?  Plus I think my fabric is too thin and clingy.  So I haven’t yet hemmed it.  Here’s an in-cutting-progress-shot:


During December, I have been taking a class at Lillstreet here in Chicago with the fantastic Jen of grainline studio.  The class focuses on the ins-and-outs of sewing the grainline Archer  pattern.  This project is my first button down, tailored shirt.   I’m learning a ton!

Finally…..  (deep breath), I’m doing the RTW “fast” for 2014…..  at the invitation of Goodbye Valentino.  What this means, family and friends: I will forgo my Anthropologie & J Crew splurges for a year.  Instead will only wear what I already have or what I sew or what I thrift in 2014.  This is relatively insane given my work commitments and family life.  But I also feel very drawn to this project, and Sarah is so enthusiastic & inspiring!  More on this in the next post.



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  1. Wow! now I understand the raid on my upstairs closet!

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