Power surge + sewing machine = :(

So, I was making a ton of progress on my olive Minoru last weekend.  The jacket is ripstop olive cotton, interlined (for warmth) with a forest green flannel.  I primarily basted the interlining (flannel) to the fashion fabric (ripstop) with my machine, but for the large back pattern piece, I decided to use some silk thread and hand-baste the middle of the flannel to the ripstop.


I was making fast progress!  Especially since I’m not doing the version with a hood and I have made this up before.  THEN, I took the kiddos to swim class, and a storm brewed up at the last minute.  I stupidly left my machine on, because I had been sewing on-and-off all morning.  When I returned to the basement, my Pfaff wouldn’t turn on 😦  (After this storm, we also had a problem with our phone, garage opener, and stereo receiver….  )

Anyway, I called my dealer and ended up schlepping the machine out to the suburbs for repair.  I was hoping to pick my machine up yesterday, but they needed to order yet another part.  So it will probably be another week.  I DO have (ahem) 2 back up machines….  and I got one of them out to work on some other projects, but it’s just not the same.  I will try not to whine, but it is a little ridiculous how much I miss the Pfaff!!!!

I have been trying to cope by cutting out new projects and getting things ready to go.  I’ve also done a little weaving and knitting….  In any case; look for some binge sewing here on the blog when my Pfaff is repaired, home, and ready to sew!


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