Minoru, take 2

Last spring I made my first coat – Sewaholic’s Minoru.  There were some snafus, but the instructions were great.  Together with the sewalong still on Tasia’s blog, I was able to work my way through this…

not quite finished here (just the shell completed)

not quite finished here (just the shell completed)



better shot of the lining

I’ve worn it a TON and gotten a lot of compliments.

This fall, I’d like a heavier coat, something olive and anorak/ army-like – After scouring through my Burda magazines for an appropriate pattern, I decided to sew Minoru again.  The fit of my first version is already worked out, so all I needed to do was find the fabric.  I found some olive cotton ripstop on Etsy and made a quick trip to Vogue Fabrics for some olive flannel and lining.  The flannel will be sandwiched between the ripstop and inner lining to make this coat heavier.  I am also planning to add patch pockets and some other details….

Here’s my notes & sketch below!



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  1. […] sewing machine is repaired and working wonderfully.  I have been making progress on my second Minoru, an olive ripstop cotton version with flannel interlining.  Almost done!  I was totally […]

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