Transferrable skills

Before I was crafty, I cooked a lot. One thing that you learn – when cooking something like soup, always taste and add seasoning as you go. Don’t just follow the recipe and add it all at the end.

This is a skill that is transferrable to sewing, but unfortunately I didn’t realize it until now.

First, the good news: I finished my fringe skirt over the weekend – thanks mom and Karen for your input! I wasn’t following a pattern, so I had to spend some time figuring out the order of construction because I was adding a waistband, lining, invisible zipper, and a back vent. Sunni’s video and tutorials were a great help.


Now, the bad news: I got so obsessed with figuring out the order of construction (including some quality time with my seam ripper), that I didn’t stop and try on the skirt at a key point when small alterations would have been easy to make. Like, before adding the lining. I just plowed through…


Fancy, lined back vent. I did this a few times before getting it right.

The result: I have a fabulous skirt that’s about 1 inch to big in the waist. Ugh. And after I thought I had “perfected” the fit with a muslin. (NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: The muslin is not enough. Must try on as you sew!)

I may try to go back with the seam ripper, but I’m not sure my lining (or the boucle, for that matter) can survive that one more time.

Hopefully, lesson learned: try on as you go.


waistband facing, out of crazy joann’s remnant fabric. with skulls!


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