Fringe? or not?

I’m working diligently on a self-drafted, knee length pencil skirt….  Using Helen Armstrong’s text (the 1987 version) on pattern making, I took my own measurements last weekend and spent some time creating a skirt sloper.  Yes, I’m weird.  I find math and drafting to be relaxing…..


About 6 months ago, I bought this amazing red boucle from The Needle Shop.  My neighbor saw it and suggested that I should use the selvedge fringe as the hem.  My only hesitation:  the white selvedge threads near the fringe (see below.)


What say you, readers of this very small blog?   I could also just hem the skirt in the “regular” way….

(Mom:  this means you: post a comment below!  🙂  )



  1. I vote to go with the fringe!

  2. YES fringe!! you rock!

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