Blog hiatus over….

Well, I took an unintentional break from blogging as life and work got in the way.  I have been working on a lot of crafty things over the winter and spring….   just not posting much about them.

I’ve been knitting a little – just completed Norah Gaughan’s Manon – genius construction! It’s blocking at the moment and I hope to seam it together this week.

Weaving has been slow – I’m working on a rep weave rug at my class at the The Weaving School.  It’s *finally* moving along but finding the right weft was frustrating.  Hope to update with a post on that soon.

One of my big events over the last couple of months was attending Maryland Sheep and Wool for the very first time.  Seriously, I cannot believe how awesome it was.  Super relaxing, lots of great shopping, seeing  lots and lots of sheep, meeting up with old friends…..  I think it helped that one of my friends goes every year, and we got incorporated into her crew.  I also took  a “fiber prep” course from Robin Russo that I found invaluable.  I now *sort of* feel like I know what I’m doing…  so I bought my first fleece!  (A beautiful black corriedale fleece.  A wonderful, knowledgable volunteer at the fleece sale helped me select it.  How awesome is it that I was applauded during “check out” when I told them it was my first fleece???)

Finally – last but not least – I have to admit that my obsession over the last three months or so has been sewing.  I think it started with that fabric stash enhancement while visiting my sister in Nashville. Then, I was surfing around the Stitcher’s Guild forums and found a number of different “SWAP” threads, i.e., “sewing with a plan.”  This intrigued me…  and I spent a weekend in early April putting together a sewing plan for spring/summer 2013.   I have an entire post planned on this…  more soon…

In any case, I’m hoping to get into more of a groove and keep this blog updated on a regular basis!  For now, here’s a bit of a visual summary:



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