Princess Celestia & Hawkeye

A long overdue Halloween post:

S and I had a ball sewing up her Princess Celestia (from My Little Pony)  costume.  I followed the awesome tutorial posted at Craftiness Is Not Optional (she made adorable Rainbow Dash and Applejack costumes for her girls).  All we needed was  $10 worth of white fleece and a $1.50 white zipper.  Everything else was from my yarn stash, sewing stash, or scrounged from old fabric (too-small t-shirts; scrap fabric) around the house.

I’m pretty proud of the unicorn horn:

S posing on Halloween morning as Princess Celestia. Off to school for Halloween festivities!

One wonderful thing about this project was how much S liked to help.  We made the pants one Sunday – she helped trace the pattern, cut yarn for the tail, draw a “pattern” for the cutie mark, and pick which colors of yellow and orange scrap fabric would be best.  During the week, every day we got home from school she *begged* to work on the top.  We did get started a little but finished it up the next weekend.  The hoodie top was a little more challenging (more pattern pieces, plus I had to figure out that unicorn horn!).  But all in all, this turned out great and was really, really fun for Sophie and me.

Older brother O got a little jealous that I didn’t sew his costume (we had already bought his – Hawkeye from the Avengers).  So I asked if there was an accessory or something I could sew up for his costume.  He requested a quiver for his (toy) arrow.  He even drew a pattern of what he wanted.  This is what I came up with:

Hawkeye’s quiver. The pocket is evidently for some sort of “ammo” that is attached to the arrow to “make things blow up.” (I think I got that right.)

Made this using an old pair of his cords that had ripped at the knee.  This was my first project just “winging it” and not following someone else’s directions.  It was a blast!  And free!  Took less than an hour, and he was *thrilled.*

Our goblins on Halloween day:

Typical for Chicago: windy and cold Halloween day. O & S are freezing but wouldn’t wear coats. Here there are waiting outside for school to start.


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