Do I really need NINE new handwoven towels?

I’m trying to bust through the last 3 kitchen towels (out of 9 total) that I currently have on the loom.  Gah.  I’m getting bored bored bored!  So, I’m itching to start another project.  The long warp, 9 yards, is taking me FOREVER.  I’m tempted to cut it off after I finish the seventh one but that would be horribly wasteful.  Maybe I need a second loom.  Or I need to quit my job so that I can weave more.

Beginning of Towel 7 of 9.

Up next is a table runner from Handwoven magazine, like this one.  I’ve already wound the warp…. it almost 580 ends, but was only 2 yards long so it went super fast.  I’m thinking that if this turns out well, I’ll be giving it as a wedding gift.

20/2 cotton – super thin! This warp is made out of two slightly different colors, “champagne” and “flaxen,” to give visual interest & depth.



One comment

  1. i did this weavers craft pattern and got bored with it too.half way through i changed things up and treadled crazy things, by the last towel i was weaving with 2 shuttles just to keep it fresh. when i was finally done i gifted every single towel because i didnt want to see them again. 🙂

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