Crafty travels

Sorry for the radio silence!  I’ve been traveling or preparing to travel over the last week, so haven’t had much time for the blog.

Some quick crafty updates:

Last week, I got to spend some time with my friend C at the Stitches Midwest market.  Lots and lots of yarn!  But I was really good – I got one skein of sock yarn (merino/cashmere/nylon) in the color “boondocks” from the Plucky Knitter (her stuff is *amazing*) and several back issues of Weaver’s Craft.  I wasn’t much tempted by yarn since I have a bunch in my stash that I need to knit, and because I’m more intrigued now by weaving (and there wasn’t much in the way of weaving yarn at this event.)

This week, I was in Colorado visiting my crafty friend K.  She’s the reason, in fact, that I got a sewing machine a couple years ago.  She’s also a knitter and a spinner.  (I’m working on the weaving.)  She moved here fairly recently, and we spent some time plotting how to transform her guest bedroom into a craft studio (and still have comfortable space for guests like me  🙂  )

We went to Boulder, because top on my agenda was a visit to Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins.  Holy cow WHAT an awesome place!!!  Maggie Casey was there (for the non-spinners:  She’s a famous spinning teacher and author.  I have a book of hers, and a DVD.)  She let K & I spin on her gorgeous cherry Matchless spinning wheel.  It was amazing!  While I was spinning on it and talking to Maggie, I think I lost my mind a little and called her a crack dealer.  I’m sort of horrified that I did that.  But oh well.  I do love the Matchless every time I try it.   I’m pretty sure K & I will be enabling each other to purchase some crack in the very near future…..

Otherwise, I was all over the weaving yarn and weaving publications.  I couldn’t go crazy since I don’t have much space in the suitcase, but did pick up a couple more issues of Weaver’s Craft, a recent issue of VAV (Swedish weaving publication), and some more heddles for the Baby Wolf loom.

Oh!  And I started a new sock for plane knitting.  Leyburn in Shubui Sock (colorway is Kelp):


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