Monthly Archives: August 2012

Loom “Table”

We were out at a friend’s lakehouse for the weekend. It was raining today, unfortunately, so a few of us went to this amazing place nearby that sells fabulous folk art and handmade imports of all sorts – furniture, rugs, textiles, clothes, jewelry, bags etc. I joked before I went to my husband that I […]

“How did you get so crafty?” Part 3

Back to my story about becoming crafty. As I mentioned before, I did some counted cross-stitch, embroidery, and basic crafts in childhood. I wasn’t very into crafts in high school or college, at least not that I recall. I was very focused on school, spending time with my college boyfriend, and working as a camp […]

Crafty travels

Sorry for the radio silence!  I’ve been traveling or preparing to travel over the last week, so haven’t had much time for the blog. Some quick crafty updates: Last week, I got to spend some time with my friend C at the Stitches Midwest market.  Lots and lots of yarn!  But I was really good – I […]

Some progress and one finished object (finally!)

I’ve enjoyed posting this week about my crafty heritage, but today I’m going to update some of the different projects I’ve been working on. First, I finished my sorbetto blouse!!!  I still need to press it but I’m going to call it done.  I like this pattern – it’s very simple, and I like the […]

“How did you get so crafty?” Part 2

I’m still thinking about my path to craftiness.  I talked a lot about my grandmothers and their handwork in the Part 1 post of this series.  I do think they were hugely influential, but more in an indirect way rather than a direct way.  It’s not like I sat down with either Grandma or Nanny […]

I have no ambitions to quilt….

I had so many wonderful responses to my post yesterday about the crafty women in my family. My mom called after reading my post.  We had a long talk about Nanny and quilting.  The quilting frame pictured below (with me hanging on it) was built by my grandfather, “Papa”.  (8/8/12 correction from mom – the […]

“How did you get so crafty?” Part 1

After sharing my Family Treasures post yesterday with my extended family, my SIL texted me:  “How did you get so crafty?”  (This from the woman who has built a trellis along her deck to grow wine grapes in her backyard AND who enjoys cooking scrumptious multi-course meals for family and friends.  Let’s be clear: the […]