MacGyver-ing weaving tools

As a new weaver, I’m still figuring out my preferences for a variety of things.  How I like to warp is something I’m still really experimenting with.  I have only ever warped from front-to-back, and I’ve learned a TON from this Madelyn van der Hoogt video on warping.

This weekend, I decided that I would try to sley the reed on a regular table, instead of hunching over a loom.  The Madelyn van der Hoogt video suggests propping the reed up on the table with special “reed holders.”  I was getting impatient, and decided that before I ordered these holders at $29, I needed to figure out an alternative.  I don’t even know if I like sleying the reed at the table.  There were some suggestions on ravelry about propping up between books, using C-clamps, etc.  But I couldn’t picture how that would work.  So I found an old, sturdy shoebox, got out my scissors and some c-clamps, and came up with this solution:

Behind the shoeboxes, the cross is in lease sticks.  I taped them to the table with painter’s tape.  It’s worked pretty well but I’m wondering if I want to try sleying the reed with the reed held flat (perhaps at the loom, supported by 2 slats of wood inserted across the beams, as suggested by someone on ravelry I think….)  Oh well….  for my next project!


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