Crafting A.D.D.

I’ll admit it.  I can’t commit to just one project, or even one craft, at a time.  Even within the same week or day.

As you can tell from the posts so far, I hop around from craft to craft and project to project.  And, that’s only what I’ve chosen to blog about.  I’ll start something, and will be making progress, and then….   BAM….  Bright, shiny new project must be started NOW!!  So, the basement has various projects partly done and stashed in all sorts of nooks and crannies.  Someday I might get brave and document this on the blog. But for now, I’ll explain how this played out over the last couple of days.

Exhibit A.  I am almost done with my sorbetto.  I’m a little frustrated with the fit, as noted here.  But seriously, I need to get a grip. All that needs to be done is to inset the cap sleeves and hem the bottom.

So, what did I decided to do over the weekend when I had some crafting time?

Start a new weaving project!!!   (Sorry for the glare at the top. Love my Ott lamp!)  This is the first time I’ve used my new warping board.

I will be working on a set of towels that are all different derivations of a rosebud pattern (I looked this up last night and it seems to be a version of or similar to point twill?).  Anyway, I picked up this kit at the Midwest Folk and Fiber Fair from the Weaver’s Loft.  The warp is ivory, and the weft will be this:

Weaving forces projects monogamy in a way that knitting doesn’t – since you can only have on project on the loom at a time.  But you know what this means????  I’m wondering if I need another loom……


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