Can we talk about bodice slopers?

I’m back from my travels… It was a nice trip but lots of driving. It took a couple days to catch up on work. Now I’m back to having some time in the basement, aka my craft lair.

I’m close to done with sorbetto, done enough to try it on. Meh. I wish I’d cut it a little longer and with perhaps a bit more ease. One progress pic below, serging the side seam:

I’ll post more pics soon. I should have time to work on it,and possibly finish, today or tomorrow.

So, for you seamstresses/ sewists out there: is there an excellent online tutorial for making a bodice sloper? Or a book? I have an odd body shape – narrow shoulders, size c/d cup chest, short waist, and no hips. Plus, since I’ve hit my 40s and have had 2 babies… The chest is lower and the short waist has that baby pooch. I actually have an easy time finding flattering pants, but tops are super difficult for me. It seems that sewing should make it easier – just sew blouses and Ts in flattering shapes. But as a relatively new sewist, I’m still struggling to figure out adjustments that should be made to patterns to make them look great on me. I wonder if a sloper would help….


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