Handspun socks

The photo presently at the header of this blog is a closeup of my very first pair of handspun socks.  Here’s a wider view:


I spun this fiber over a year ago.  It’s from Freckle Face Fibers, 4 oz of superwash BFL top in the colorway Firenze.  This was my first attempt at fingering weight, 3 ply yarn.  In the end, I think I have a heavy fingering.  Here’s a photo of the singles on the bobbin:


I tried to maintain as much of the striping as possible, so the sock will have long gradations of color.

I decided to do an afterthought heel to keep the color continuous.  My first time doing an afterthought heel!  This video from the Knit Girllls was really helpful.  These kinds of heels are easier than I thought (it’s essentially a typical toe structure for the heel.  heh.  clever!!)

I’m a *little* worried that the sock will be too big.  I can’t tell if this is because it’s handspun and perhaps not as “sproingy” as commercial sock yarn?  I compared this AM and the circumference of my handspun sock is definitely larger than the pair I recently finished.

I’m using a pattern from the Spin off Summer 2012.   The pattern is by Ann Budd and it’s a diagonal rib pattern.  The yarn is a heavier weight, so instead of casting on 60, I cast on 66.  Might have been a big mistake, but we’ll see!

I do love knitting with my handspun.


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