An intro

So, in spring 2008 it started with knitting.  A year later I bought a spinning wheel.  The year after that was a small loom and a sewing machine.  Along the way, I’ve learned that I love creating things.  I love planning to create things.  And I especially love the challenge of learning new crafts and complex techniques.  I’m not the fastest at completing projects, but occasionally I get obsessed and then things move fast.

I have 2 kids in elementary school. My wonderful husband doesn’t totally understand my draw to the fiber arts, but he’s supportive (most of the time) anyway. I have a fairly demanding full-time job, but it’s a pretty cerebral.  Crafting helps me focus my mind on a completely different, more concrete world.

This blog is named after my “studio” our basement – that I share with 1000s of legos, a dollhouse, and a bajillion other toys.  I’ve claimed the corner that has a door to the unfinished basement (storage!) and a view of the TV.

I know I’m about a decade late to the blogging thing…  but that’s no reason not to start one when I feel like sharing.  I’m hoping to regularly post here about my various projects.


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