Monthly Archives: July 2012

MacGyver-ing weaving tools

As a new weaver, I’m still figuring out my preferences for a variety of things.  How I like to warp is something I’m still really experimenting with.  I have only ever warped from front-to-back, and I’ve learned a TON from this Madelyn van der Hoogt video on warping. This weekend, I decided that I would […]

Crafting A.D.D.

I’ll admit it.  I can’t commit to just one project, or even one craft, at a time.  Even within the same week or day. As you can tell from the posts so far, I hop around from craft to craft and project to project.  And, that’s only what I’ve chosen to blog about.  I’ll start […]

Can we talk about bodice slopers?

I’m back from my travels… It was a nice trip but lots of driving. It took a couple days to catch up on work. Now I’m back to having some time in the basement, aka my craft lair. I’m close to done with sorbetto, done enough to try it on. Meh. I wish I’d cut […]

Pink yarn and pointy sticks

My daughter’s 5th birthday was this month. One of my gifts to her (aka an excuse to go to my favorite yarn store) was this: malabrigo bulky yarn in red and pink, a project bag, and a sheep tape measure. I also dug out some size 17 needles that I used when I first started […]

Bias tape

Made some progress over the last few days on my sorbetto top. I have pretty much recovered from the ironing injury though i still have three blisters on my fingers… I’m trying not to be a crybaby about it. The fabric still needed pressing before I cut the pattern. I was much more careful with […]

Ironing injury

I had hoped to post today to report major progress on my sorbetto. But no such luck. I was heating up the iron to press the fabric before cutting. I thoughtlessly touched the plate of the iron with 3 fingers. Ugh!!!! Some cool water soaking and 3 Advil later the pain is bearable. I might […]

Floor loom

During summer I have more down time than usual. So this is when I get ambitious ideas about learning new crafty skills. In late April, I had the opportunity to see a small exhibit on American textiles at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was really cool to see how various handcrafts like quilting, weaving, […]